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Aug 16, 2016 · Mount an image for a read-only view that leverages to see the content of the image exactly as the user saw it on the original drive. There are various methods to mount a RAW file. But before we learn how to mount our RAW files, just have look on your my computer so that you can have an idea about how many drives you have before mounting a RAW file.

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因此在挂载之后你可以修改 qcow2_mount_point 目录下的任何文件。 如果你想要以 "read-only" 模式挂载它,则: $ sudo guestmount -a userdata-qemu.img.qcow2 -m /dev/sda --ro qcow2_mount_point 要卸载它,则执行: $ sudo guestunmount qcow2_mount_point 注:上面挂载的是 Android 模拟器生成的 qcow2 ...


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You might be able to use guestmount on the target image and manipulate it prior to running it. Something like: sudo guestmount -a SAS_University_Edition.qcow2 –rw /mnt/ -m /dev/vda1. Not sure about the last parameter, though. Was not able to get it to run here, but I’ve done things like that in the past.

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説明 The guestmount program can be used to mount virtual machine filesystems and other disk images on the host. It uses libguestfs for access to the guest filesystem, and FUSE (the ``filesystem in userspace'') to make it appear as a mountable device. On a Windows host, verify that the volume is formatted with FAT (12/16/32) or NTFS. Only FAT (12/16/32) and NTFS formatting is supported. If the virtual disk has mixed partitions, for example, one partition is formatted with a Linux operating system and another partition is formatted with a Windows operating system, you can map the Windows partition only.

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